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  • Joseph Garay (Sono felice al 100%)

    very good food, good prices, great service. my fav was the minestrone soup.

  • Bartłomiej Szczurek (Sono felice al 20%)

    Witam, Serdecznie odradzam herbata była słona, owoce morza przypalone i sami doliczaja napiwek.

  • Eduardo Menezes Rocha (Sono felice al 20%)

    Don't go there!!! In a nutshell, the bill was 21.45, we paid 21.50 and if they followed the prices showed in the menu with the service fee (without the couvert we didn't ask) we would have paid 16.76!!!! Read the full story below. We were looking for a place near to Napoli Centrale train station and found this restaurant that looked nice and clean. Staff was nice and prices in the menu were very good. We ordered 2 pizzas (in the menu the price was 4.10 and 4.60 euros), 2 regular coke and 1 coke zero (in the menu price was 2 euro for each soft drink). Food arrived quick and was OK. When the bill arrived we had a surprise: Pizza prices were higher than in the menu (we paid arround 1.50 more for both pizzas). Also, in the bill there was only 2 soft drinks (instead of 3) and a strange item with the price of 2.80. More than that they charged us for 2 couvert that weren't served and a 14% service fee. We though it was weird and called for the waiter to ask about the 2.80 strange item. He came prompt with the menu to explain about the couvert and service fee (probably because a lot of people complain about that). Then, he said that strange item was the coke zero. We checked the menu again and there was nothing written about the coke zero being more expensive than other soft drinks. There was only the price of soft drinks (2 euros). We though all of this was wrong but we paid anyway. In the end, the waiter only brought our change (0.45 euro) after we asked for it. Besides he gave us only 0.40.

  • lotem livne (Sono felice al 40%)

    Bad bad food, the pasta was horrible, the antipasti worst, the only thing that was ok was the pizza, and after all that, the prices are very high. The service was nice most of the time, don't sit downstairs.. There's no air.

  • An Ne (Sono felice al 60%)

    naja, Essen war zwar ganz lecker, aber freundlich behandelt wurden wir eigentlich nur als darum ging uns als Kunde zu gewinnen... schade!

  • Zsuzsa Váradi (Sono felice al 100%)

    Delicious food in the heart of Napoli, lovely, friendly waiters.

  • barry foye (Sono felice al 20%)

    We visited this restaurant three times. The last was for a late night drink. The waiter being friendly asked us were we leaving the next day. He didn't speak English very well and kept asking if we were leaving. We were and so thinking nothing of it said that we were. They were closing and so when we asked for the bill he verbally told us the price in Italian. I had thought he said €13 which was the correct price for what we bought but had actually said diciotto (18) which sounded like 13. I gave him €20 and as we were finishing off our drinks he just left. I reckon because we were leaving he figured he may as well rip us off. The prices for drinks were good but the food was average at best. Avoid or be wary.

  • Konstantin Chereshnev (Sono felice al 20%)

    Обманывают в итоговой сумме!!! Следите внимательно за конечным счетом!!! На каждую позицию в меню добавили по 1-2 евро! Пытались отмазаться тем, что в меню неправильные цифры, начал скандалить, тут же пробили правильный чек, который был в их системе. Категорически не советую!

  • Melanie Bienefeld (Sono felice al 60%)

    Das Essen ist okay. Das Ambiente hat mir leider nicht gefallen.

  • Joeci Laranjeira (Sono felice al 80%)

    Comida tipicamente italiana, saborosa e farta. Recomendo.

  • Hussard Gris (Sono felice al 20%)

    I've been five days with my wife in Naples. This restaurant was the worse. Bad food, high price and last but not least, the bill amounts to what you have to pay plus 2€ (it was not the price of the coperto, or something else) = stealer. We had dinner in the restaurant close to him: cantina dei mille: very good food, nice personnel, and you really have value for money. The bill amounts to what we were expecting, what a surprise... Enjoy your trip in Naples! French tourist

  • bhuc7 (Sono felice al 20%)

    Not worth the visit, bad food tasted horrible and was cold, staff were friendly but not worth it when the food was barely tolerable wouldn't recommend eating here.

  • Uri Borreda (Sono felice al 80%)

    Good food, decent prices, great location

  • Hennie Xena (Sono felice al 60%)

    Great staff, ok cheap food

  • Pippo (Sono felice al 60%)

    Buon ristorante Sa cucinare al meglio il pesce.

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