La Cantina Dei Mille

Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 126, Napoli 80143 (tel. +39 081 283448)

La Cantina Dei Mille - Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 126, Napoli 80143
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  • Roberto Chanca (Sono felice al 80%)

    Es un restaurante ubicado en la plaza Garibaldi, la comida es muy buena y el precio muy económico la verdad. no le doy la quinta estrella porque su carta de bonos era algo escasa.

  • ZhaoLin Chen (Sono felice al 60%)

    Very cheap but poor service. Food was tasty

  • eva sebestyen (Sono felice al 100%)

    Friss finom ételek. Családias hangulat, kedves kiszolgálás.

  • Melanie Bienefeld (Sono felice al 80%)

    Sehr leckeres Essen und angenehmes Ambiente.

  • Henry Ogbechie (Sono felice al 40%)

    Went in to eat pizza and didn't get a great service. All attention were given to those eating lunch, obviously the big spenders.

  • David B (Sono felice al 80%)

    Only place in Italy I've seen mandatory tip (14% "service" charge). Some Italians have told me this charge is a scam and they refuse to pay it, but here they list it on the menu. They also charge to 0.52€ cover fee (coperto). Also they have no toilet seats. However, the food was good. the ripenio (stuffed pizza with ricotta and mozzarella and ham) was fantastic. the mixed vegetable pizza was delicious (the vegetables are roasted peppers and eggplant that they pull out of the fridge at the front but it benefits from that soaked on olive oil flavour). The chefs special seafood pasta was well received. Final total was 22.30€ for three people. The service was brusque but fast and attentive, but we went in the winter off season. The restaurant was quite cold.

  • Máté Kruppai (Sono felice al 80%)

    Csaladias legkor. Friss etelek. A kiszolgalas minosegen van mit javitani.

  • Ekaterina I (Sono felice al 100%)

    Обслуживание со всей ненавистью к туристам. Дурят на всём, чём могут. У дверей шмыгают упитанные крысы. Зато божественная воздушная пицца от пиццайоллы с пятью дипломами. И паста от Мамы с рикоттой отличнейшая. А вот домашнее вино ужасное.

  • Nana Kim (Sono felice al 60%)

    까르보나라랑 스테이크먹었는데 가격은 저렴하지만 종업원 한명이 너무 불친절해서 기분 나쁘게 먹고왔습다 이탈리아 음식이라 그런지 많이 짰네요 물을 시키면 탄산수가 나옵니다

  • reda el maali (Sono felice al 80%)

    bonne pizzas et poissons le vin maison est bon et pas cher 2 fois cette semaine

  • Tejaswi Mupparaju (Sono felice al 60%)

    Ok place, beware of pick pockets while you eat outside

  • Alberto J. Sánchez Sanz (Sono felice al 100%)

    Pizzas geniales, precios muy buenos y al lado de la estación.

  • Arfyn Rhys Ruhonah (Sono felice al 40%)

    Not very attentive staff. Carbonara wasn't very nice.

  • Olivier 1807 (Sono felice al 20%)

    Pizza pas terribles. Serveurs pas aimable surtout celui qui ressemble a danny de vito.

  • Melissa Metro (Sono felice al 100%)

    The food is was the absolute best. We ate the insulata caprese and the tomatoes were so fresh and the mozzarella was still soft with milk. Just delicious! We also had the Pepperonatta Pizze and it was delish. It had peppers, provolone cheese, olives, and sausage. We also ate the Scallopine al Limone and the sauce was so good we dipped our pizza crust in it to finish it. And to round it all out, our waiter brought us a tiramisu to share that was just amazing. They definitely use a stronger espresso in theirs and the cream is so light and fluffy. Overall, an amazing meal that only cost 40 euros with tip and it included wine.

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