La Brace Di Pinto Anna Maria

Via Silvio Spaventa 14, Napoli 80143 (tel. +39 081 261526)

La Brace Di Pinto Anna Maria - Via Silvio Spaventa 14, Napoli 80143
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  • Szilvia Kupeczki (Sono felice al 80%)

    Nagyon finom tészták!!!Jó árak!

  • Cristiano T (Sono felice al 100%)

    Tastiest food in Naples (and beyond)! We ate there twice during our stay in Napoli and I was very impressed both times. You must order their mozzarella di bufala - salad it is out of this world (I've eaten mozzarelle during many visits to Campania, a region renowned for their mozzarelle but no where have I eaten such delicious and rich flavoured mozzarelle than at La Brace). And of all my visits to Italy (as far as I can remember), I have never tasted such delicious food. It's obvious that their ingredients are fresh and prices are very reasonable. They use a lot of fresh herbs - the way Italian food should be in my opinion. "Maronn' e bonn'!" Molto grazie a Pepe e Luigi!

  • Petrik József (Sono felice al 100%)

    Kiváló tészták! Családias hangulat! Olcsó!!

  • YONGWOOK JEONG (Sono felice al 40%)

    Roast meat (chuck eye roll) is so fat & tough. but prosciutto e melone is good. 알목심 진짜 질기고 기름짐. 프로슈토 에 멜론 아니었음 최악의 식당

  • Rafael Trampnau (Sono felice al 100%)

    Typically Italian Kitchen. Many locals eating here, definitely worth a meal!

  • Annie (Sono felice al 60%)

    Bit overrated but it wasn't bad. Not sure if the service has dropped since previous comments but there was no service when I dined her.

  • Ste Kim (Sono felice al 100%)

    Friendly staff, good pizza and pasta. Very reasonably priced!

  • Martin Polák (Sono felice al 80%)

    Ve vnitř čisto a jídlo dobré. I wi-fi zde mají.

  • Emmanuelle Merat (Sono felice al 100%)

    Très bon accueil. Rue calme dans quartier agité. Copieux et delicieux. Suivez les conseils du jour ou pizza à la carte, par exemple celle fourrée " la brace". rapport qualité prix top.

  • Duane Vaughn (Sono felice al 100%)

    Best Pizza and tastiest food in Naples, hands down! Excellent customer service as well and the prices cannot be beat. We ate at numerous so called "Best pizza" restaurant's but kept coming back to La Brace because of the great food, atmosphere and price.

  • Filip Prusniewski (Sono felice al 20%)

    I was there with my wife for a pizza & beer. We had to wait around 30 min. The forks and knives were dirty and the waiter didn't even apolagise but was surprised that we noticed. There are to many tables for the capabilities of the kitchen chefs and the waiters to handle. The owners are focus rather on profit then on service & quality. Go on your own risk...

  • Jorge Jungle (Sono felice al 60%)

    Ambiente italiano 100%. Pero sin ningún tipo de gracia.

  • Carole Lynn Petronella (Sono felice al 80%)

    I ate at La Brace 3 nights in a row. Each night, I asked the waiters Mario and Enrico what they suggested. I had the gnocchi, fresh mozzarella, penne all delicioso! Reasonably priced.I should add that this was 3 years ago so hopefully the service which was very good back then along with the quality of the food and the reasonable prices haven't changed.

  • Ru5t3d Hall (Sono felice al 20%)

    What slop, am so disappointed, staff wasn't friendly, the pizza looks as if someone just spewed up over the dough, flat rolled then baked. Where's the love, a pizza dough should of at least rise (make the dough in the morning for it to rise) , then a nice thick topping of ur choice. Charge extra if needs be, but please, for the love of a pizzeria make it right, and guarantee you will have more customers wanting more

  • Alberto Rio (Sono felice al 40%)

    La comida correcta, pero el dueño deja mucho que desear, plantó una tumbona en medio del comedor y se echó a dormir la siesta...y encima quisieron cobrar de más...ojo

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