Fabric Rise Up

Via Ugo la Malfa 95, Palermo 90141 (tel. +39 347 054 1647)

Fabric Rise Up - Via Ugo la Malfa 95, Palermo 90141
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  • Pietro Sparacio (Sono felice al 100%)

    My favourite disco in town. it has two dance floors (but normally only one is used) and a nice garden connected to the indoor area by some plastic and trasparent curtain. Maybe it's for this that people there think they can smoke anywhere and it's what they actually do. Popular place among gay locals. Very far away from the city center. If you go with a private car you will be asked a tip by some local dude who pretend to take car of your car while you're dancing: they just take 2€ coin and then leave when no more cars are arriving. They're known as "parcheggiatori abusivi" and they sometimes threaten you if you don't tip them. Better call a taxi! A part from this it is no dangerous at all. Nice music!

  • Giuseppe Ribaudo (Sono felice al 100%)

    Un Halloween alla grande, locale molto bello.

  • Gabriele Saitta (Sono felice al 60%)

    Discoteca mediocre. Relativamente piccola. Cocktail che lasciano a desiderare, ottimi per chi ha poche pretese e cerca solo alcool da ingerire. Musica da migliorare, dance anni 90 e 2000 quasi dimenticata

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